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Cookie policy


The cookies on our company website are used in order to make your presence on our site more comfortable and optimised to your needs.

By using the resources available at our website you approve the collection, processing and using the information about clients of our website by cookies. See below for more information on the cookies policy.

Why are the cookies needed, how we use them and what they are?

Cookies help us to improve the performance of our website, get to know about the type of clients visiting us and the y are also used for some basic processes available on our website (some of these processes are unavailable without cookies.) It is also important to note that cookies enable us to provide our online business.

Cookies are fragments of the code that can be read while you are visiting a given website. They contain the data on inquiries send to a given server. The cookies can come in several types such as session cookies (they disappear when you leave the website) or they may be persistent ones (they remain in your browser for some period of time

Cookies can be used in a variety of ways:

  • they can be used for FUNCTIONAL PURPOSES (that is they identify the PC or any other device you use. They often store the information about language preferences and mark the range of activities during a single session which you do while you browse a given page. Our company often use such cookies in order to recognise you each next time when you visit our website (it is then possible to provide to you the log in, form or any other information with the data that have already been provided by you).

  • SERVICES/SECURE PURPOSES (this type of cookies makes it possible to authenticate your device such as PC while you are doing the shopping or any other purchase service where it is necessary to register on a given page).

  • PERFORMANCE PURPOSES (these cookies do not identify you at all – the merely provide the extensive information about how clients use our website. They are then used in order to improve the performance of our website and make it more accessible and user-friendly.

Controlling cookies

It is possible for each user to manage the cookies preferences. The preferences about cookies can be found in each browser (usually under the 'options' or 'preferences') and allow you to block or activate them.

Cookies policy changes:

All the newest changes within the policy concerning cookies are going to be posted on our site. In order to be abreast with the latest news, please pay attention to new information posted on our website.