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Save yourself the hassle!

All our furniture are designed to be simple to assemble. Regrettably, putting flat packs together aren’t always so easy task and some customers are having problems with the instructions or assembly process.

To avoid stress or damage to the furniture book our furniture assemblers, we are here to help you.
We offer professional furniture assembly services.


  • You can relax and do something else, while our team will do the work for you.

  • You will save time and stress by using our service to ensure that your furniture is in perfect condition.

  • Standard 12 month warranty will be extended to 24 months upon completion of assembly.


1) How much space will I need?


Before committing to an assembly service, here are some things to consider:

Be mindful of radiators, shelves, door handles, handrails, wall fixtures, light fittings, window sills, ceiling height, access to the room etc.

Our wardrobes are not fitted items, they are freestanding and extra space is required for the assembly.


For example, if your wardrobe is 250 cm wide and 215 cm high, please provide us with a floor space of 250 cm x 215 cm, plus 60 cm per measurement. This would then equate to a floor space of 310 cm x 275 cm. This allows the wardrobe to be built on the floor before being lifted up onto its base.


Please ensure that the desired location of your wardrobe has extra space on either side of at least 20 cm.

2) Will you dispose of rubbish?



Will you take away old furniture?

No, we do not have provision for this, and we ask you to clear all the work areas beforehand to have enough space for the assembly to take place.