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Brighten up your bedroom and solve your storage problems with our beautiful wardrobes. Big or small wardrobes for sale - whatever size you are looking for, we are sure it'll makes a stunning addition to your home. Our fitted wardrobes in our local Hull shop are an excellent choice for each type of home interior. Our store offers products for Clients from Hull and other locations in the UK.


  • 80cm - 149cm

    Small but spacious wardrobe is a perfect solution for a small room. They will fit in bays and surprise you with its capacity. Wardrobes available with sliding doors and traditional opening way. Different colors, mirrors, rails, shelfs and draws.

  • 150cm - 199cm

    When a small wardrobe is not enough and large is too big, please look in this category to find a wardrobe, which perfectly fits into your room. Great choice at a reasonable price.

  • 200cm - 249cm

    In this category you will find an amazing wardrobes of the most popular size. Ideal for the bedroom or children's room too. Great storage not only for clothes. Let us surprise you with choice and diversity.

  • 250

    Here are the wardrobes with infinite possibilities. Large amounts of shelfs and rails is an unquestionable advantage of our wardrobes . Wardrobes in this category is a combination of elegance and subtleties with a large surface area to use in your way. And all this, as usual at a reasonable prices.

Showing 1 - 12 of 100 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 100 items